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• What program or level is the best fit for me? NCAA I, II, III, NAIA, NJCAA?

• What is important to me Academically, do they have my major? Athletics?

•Is socially a good fit for me  ?

• Affordability, what is my package going to look like? Can I get a scholarship?

• How far is it from home? Do I want a small or a big school?

• What is the size of the classes, what kind of academic support is there?

• Coaching staff, history of the program and style of play.

• Where do I fit in the team, what position, how soon will I get on the field?

• What is the difference between NCAAA I, NCAA II, NCAA III, NAIA, NJCAA?

• NCAA rules, regulations. When can I contact a coach? What is the best way?

• Recruiting Calendar, what is a dead period, what is a quiet period?

• Discuss the NCAA eligibility, what is the High School timeline?

• Understand the academic requirements NCAA core courses, test scores and sliding scale.

• Athletic requirements, understating Amateurism and NCAA Eligibility, situations that could impact your amateurism status.

• Unofficial and Official Visit - understand the difference, the requirements and what to expect.

American Football Stadium

NLI - National Letter of Intent, what is it? Who signs an NLI, when can I sign, what does that mean?

Recruiting Advice - Using our experience will give you the best pointers in the recruiting process.

What should I include in my email to the coach? • How to create a successful highlight video?

What should I include in my soccer profile? How to find a scholarship?

Should my parents be involvement in the recruiting process?

Admission When, how do I apply? Admission deadlines? What do I need to apply? How much it cost?

Financial Aid and Scholarships Learn about different Federal, State and University financial aid.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid, how, when, where to apply, deadlines & requirements.

State Aid – Bright Futures how, when, where to apply, deadlines & requirements.

Understand the different type of financial aid. Grants, scholarships, loans, work study, military aid

College Student Athlete What to expect? Demands and time management. What do I need to be successful?

The difference in expectations between NCAA I, II, III, NAIA and NJCAA.

How to balance the Academic, Athletic, Social components.

Advise you on how to increase your exposure, what tournaments, ID Camps to attend.

We will help you narrow down your search and advise you on the decision process.

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