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Students in our STRIVE ACADEMY program will have the option to attend any of the Tampa area colleges. We believe that offering them this option will give them a diverse range of choices to pursue their education. Having both full-time and part-time options also caters to different schedules and commitments students might have.

Admission into the colleges will be handled directly by the university admission representatives, STRIVE ACADEMY staff will work with our student athletes to ensure that students are aware of the specific application procedures and deadlines for each institution. Providing them with resources or guidance on how to navigate the admissions process could be immensely helpful.

Tuition and fees for the academic portion will be handled directly by the university. Our STRIVE ACADEMY Staff will work with students and families to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved. This includes any potential financial aid or scholarship opportunities available to them, as well as any additional expenses they might encounter during their studies.

Overall, facilitating access to these colleges through your program can greatly empower students to pursue their educational goals and aspirations.

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